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MSC Cruises and Oceanly Performance: A Partnership in Efficiency

The partnership between MSC Cruises and Oceanly commenced in 2021, marking the start of a strategic collaboration that aimed to significantly enhance operational efficiency across MSC’s fleet. By the following year, the integration of Oceanly’s Performance solution was fully realized across the entire fleet, a testament to the swift and effective implementation of this innovative technology. This rapid adoption underlines both companies’ commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement, with recent years seeing substantial enhancements and customizations tailored specifically to the unique demands of the cruise sector.

A pivotal aspect of the collaboration has been the development and integration of customized solutions designed to meet the specific needs of MSC Cruises. These improvements, which include hotel load monitoring, engine utilization optimization, and enhanced cruise reporting capabilities, have been instrumental in further elevating the operational efficiency of MSC’s fleet. The Oceanly Performance solution has been finely tuned to support MSC Cruises in navigating the complexities of cruise operations, ensuring optimal performance across various dimensions, including fuel efficiency, environmental compliance, and overall vessel management.

MSC sought innovative and improved methods to manage its modern and sophisticated ships, also taking into account the strict new regulations regarding environmental concerns. The adoption of Oceanly Performance, a software that makes extensive and effective use of intelligent and rapid data collection, enhancing data sharing and decision-making processes, was perceived by MSC Cruises as the ideal approach to monitor all onboard parameters that significantly affect fuel costs and thus emissions.

After just three years since completing the implementation, over 150 personnel across four departments, both onshore and onboard, now regularly use the Oceanly Performance solution. The energy efficiency department relies entirely on it, while the fleet operations centre monitors vessel information every five seconds, underlining the solution’s vital role in MSC’s daily operations.

A landmark achievement of the partnership has been the facilitation of the first net-zero cruise voyage with Euribia last year, utilizing Oceanly’s Performance solution. This milestone not only exemplifies the two companies’ joint commitment to sustainable cruising but also highlights the critical role of advanced technology in achieving such ambitious environmental goals. The success of this voyage serves

as a powerful demonstration of the potential for innovation to drive significant improvements in the sustainability of cruise operations.

The Oceanly Vessel Reporting Tool (VRT) has replaced numerous Excel spreadsheets, making reporting processes for noon reports, voyage reports, and emissions reports more efficient, among others. This improvement has offered significant benefits to MSC Cruises.

The use of Oceanly’s Control Room module by MSC Cruises for real-time ship performance monitoring has been crucial. The solution supports a wide range of operations, including fuel budgeting, Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) forecasting, engine monitoring, and emissions reporting. This comprehensive application highlights the critical role of Oceanly’s solution in MSC’s operational strategy.

MSC’s Performance summary example, from the Oceanly Performance solution

A notable advancement in the partnership is the creation of an interface with SAP for bunker and consumption information, set to be in production during 2024. Efforts are underway to develop interfaces with NAPA stability, OpNet for Port Operations, and C-route and DTS for comparing fuel budget versus actual, showcasing a commitment to integrating advanced technological solutions to enhance operational efficiency further.

The partnership’s success is credited to Oceanly’s rapid implementation and customization capabilities, which matched MSC’s needs for flexibility and customer focus. This synergy has led to significant enhancements in internal communication and process optimization within MSC Cruises.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Mr. Michele Francioni, Chief Energy Transition Officer at MSC Cruises, commented, “The partnership with Oceanly has been fundamental in our pursuit of sustainable and efficient operations. The adaptability

and effectiveness of the Oceanly Performance solution have enabled us to overcome challenges and set new standards in operational excellence.”

Echoing this sentiment, Ivana Melillo, Head of Energy Efficiency and Projects, shared, “The customized improvements made by Oceanly have been pivotal in enhancing our cruise operations. The ability to monitor hotel loads, engine utilization, and generate comprehensive cruise reports in real-time has empowered us to optimize our fleet’s performance like never before.”

As MSC Cruises continues to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Oceanly Performance solution, their partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in the maritime industry. Together, they are setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency, environmental stewardship, and the overall guest experience on board. The journey towards excellence is ongoing, and both companies remain committed to exploring new avenues for innovation and improvement, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in cruise operations.

Author: Ingela Mandl, Director Sales and Marketing, Oceanly

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